Polifactory China | Last 30th August we had a successful presentation of our Hous.E+ at the GIGAcrit 6 Event organized at the Haworth Organic Space, Eco City, 1788 Nanjing West Road, 17th Floor (A LEED Gold Building). The presentation was leaded by the Project Leader Architect Leonardo Colucci, who did a really good presentation talking about the most important and relevant points of the projects. The clear and creative presentation was followed by everyone with lot of interest due to the different questions that emerged finally. The presentation was closed at the last two minutes by the structural studies did by Alvaro Leonardo about the way of constructing it. Finally the questions done by all the public and the event´s organizer, Raefer Wallis, give us new ways of developing our concepts. We would like to thank to all the participants for their interest and presence.