Polifactory China | We have been invited as speakers for the Shanghai´s most important sustainable monthly event organized by GIGA, the GIGAcrit 6: HousE+. It will be next 30th August 2012, HERE.

Time: 18.45 to 19.30h. Presentation duration: 10 min.
Haworth Organic Space, Eco City, 1788 Nanjing West Road, 17th Floor (A LEED Gold Building)
Nearest Subway: Jing-An Temple (Line 2 & 7).
GIGA stands for Green Ideas, Green Actions. GIGA refers to cycles of ideas and actions that together generate positive impact. GIGA is an active resource. Information is freely accessible for all users. Resources are designed to empower users with the necessary tools to accelerate positive change and growth. Their aim is to RESET™ our environments to be healthy and worth sustaining. We believe our built environment will catalyze this change.