Polifactory China | Due to the public success of our guided tours offered in Shanghai monthly by Cervantes Library of Cultural Section of Spanish General Consulate in Shanghai, our originally own-made tour named “PAISAJES URBANOS: RECORRIDO POR EL SHANGHAI ESPAÑOL” has been expanded till June 2011. A new Polifactory Cultural Event Proposal is being successful.

The visits will be monthly:

Saturday, 26th February 2011 [DONE]
Saturday, 12th March 2011 _[DONE]
Saturday, 16th April 2011 _[DONE]
Saturday, 14th May 2011  _[FullyBooked]
Saturday, 4th June 2011 _[FullyBooked]

HERE the link to monthly Cervantes activities and please note the Reservation Form to apply for places. As a event together organized by a Spanish Official Institution the guide languages are Spanish and Chinese.

Our discovery and research is still going ahead in order to publish it as soon as possible.