Polifactory China | We can finally post some pictures of the result of our joint work experience for space coffee, sandwich & deli at 406-1, West Jianguo Road in Shanghai, named: Cafelito .


The project it’s been a collaboration between NinomRekka and Polifactory, the firsts were entrusted for the interior design and us for all about branding and its subsequent applications. Both teams were constantly in touch to create a complete experience in branding and space that had a complete indivisible relationship.

Logo design

The initial decision in the design process of combining basic colors like white and black, and from there: only color to mix is wooden brown tone or wicker; the use of the diamond shape for the logo, had Consequently some varied applications as successful as: labels, t-shirts, rubber stamps, paper bags, glass jars, vases, dishes, the doorknob, shape of the menu support and the combination of basic colors in furniture, shelves, clothing for all employees, presentation of some dishes, invoice format and many small details that transform a design into an experience, that unconsciously remains in the memory of any visitor or customer.
The final result is very practical and consistent but mostly complete, although further future applications are possible, in the first phase these were those that we now present, and those that may arise in the future is at the customer’s decision.