Polifactory China | We would like to share with our readers and followers some of the thinkings that for years we do in China, some of the “whys” of this unknown country.

We would have liked to include you in our long night conversations with professional colleagues and friends, those that occur in the lee of a radiator or a drink in a bar, but at least and luckily for us our good friends MULTIDO have been summarized three articles that we would recommend to our blog. Reading it helps a lot to understand this world in which we operate professionally.


The first is: “Moebius, Escher and the scaring Chinotauro Maze”

West is linear. It’s part of our culture. We operate directionally (or at least there is a clear trend in this type of movement) and need a beginning, a middle and final conclusions…

 Asia, and more specifically China, is circular. To be precise, we could say that our perception from within the system is circular but is actually a two-dimensional surface…

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