Polifactory China | In order to create a new identity to the gallery and unfold an unique urban experience, the idea behind of this project explores simple design yet able to generate powerful outcomes. This in-between space is set to be embrace the foggy boundaries of privacy and property, where public and private are no longer defined by physical barriers but overlayed. The space result is generated by the same elements that previously defined this area. Offsets from the original main entrance are layered over and followed rectangular subtractions of shapes featured from the main skin of the institute. The choice of material regards 2 aspects: sustainability and transparency. This tangible materiality is established by steel meshes, which are commonly used for construction, and therefore 100 % reusable. Competition Status: Finalist. A Polifactory competition managed by Leonardo Colucci and associated with Claire Rizzi. Already published at organizers website: Anonymous designers worldwide  “Architecture is permanent but its also impermanent, every time you go in and out from of the same building, is potentially a new experience, that’s either for the user and for the public. What a building can do is help you, encourage you, and challenge you to be aware of the unfolding of events. Learning goes with experiment and attitude.” Nigel Coates.