Polifactory China | Yesterday, March 12th, 2014 in Spain, Cuatro Channel at “Samanta´s Connection” featured one of our recent projects in China:

Cafelito: Sandwich & Deli

At the interview with the owner during the whole program it is possible to see the different designs we did for them. A work done by entrepreneurs, Polifactory, for spanish entrepreneurs in China at Shanghai´s former French Concession in West Jianguo Road near Yueyang Road, the complete work we did included:

-New Logo Cafelito.
-Outdoor Sign Steel board.
-Business Cards
-Stickers (x2 sizes) to solve applications as:
-Bags Design.
-Paper Ware Design.
-Glass Ware Design.
-Folder Design.
-Menu Support Concept Design.
-Menu template Design.
-Gourmet Catalog Template Design.
-Product Labeling.

As explained before in our blog: HERE.

“Abrirse Camino en China” by “Conexión Samanta”

Find attached the video with the complete program: HERE, best moments: minute 57:52, minute 3:26.

For more information about the project: HERE.