Polifactory China | The great reception given to the maps “An imprint of Spain in Shanghai” designed by Polifactory showing the exact location of every building in the city of Abelardo Lafuente, has been reflected in the Spanish-speaking press. From more general press, as the news appeared in the section’s El Viajero de El Pais: “Huellas españolas en un Shanghái insólito”, which is one of the sections with the highest number of visits of digital newspaper. Just as in more specific means of architecture, such as the internationally renowned architecture website Plataforma Arquitectura: “El legado de un arquitecto español en Shanghái”. It is sister on the web Archdaily in Spanish language, which already published last December 2011 our commemorative exhibition based on the same research: “An Imprint of Spain in China”. No doubt all very good news that help a lot to this creative studio to go ahead with it all.