Polifactory China | Since this week you can have the usually known “Lafuente Maps” but officially called: “An Imprint of  Spain in Shanghai”. First edition in Spanish and English is ready!. The maps 1st Edition are thanks to the sponsors: Casa 700 and Sasha’s Restaurant. Both restaurants are the only public places in Shanghai to get them providing a donation of 30rmb each! The maps shows the Shanghai Historic Spanish Architecture from the only Spanish architect in China 100 years ago: Abelardo Lafuente and some interesting Spanish related places and secrets still hidden in the city. Based on our Lafuente Research Project and exclusively designed by Polifactory, they can be already acquired by anyone contacting: info@polifactory.com and info@vi-sh.com, the two companies associated to organized the “Lafuente Tours” since August 2012 in Shanghai.