Polifactory China | This is an on-going research project in Shanghai developed by Polifactory and directed by Alvaro Leonardo, the Spanish architect who in summer 2009 discovered the first clues about Abelardo Lafuente’s exploits in Shanghai. Since Leonardo’s first presentation in September 2010 at the Shanghai Expo, he continues to share findings with Shanghai citizens and the Spanish community about the previously unknown Lafuente’s works, businesses and life.

Alvaro Leonardo’s goal is to uncover and shed light on the cultural ties between China and Spain during one of Shanghai’s golden ages, he was working with Spanish Ceramic Tiles in his projects in Shanghai and introducing the Mozarab Spanish style. He is preparing a publication that will unify all the original and unpublished information from this period describing Spanish culture in China.

Abelardo Lafuente Garcia-Rojo Architect (Madrid 1871- Shanghai 1931)

Abelardo Lafuente, who was the only Spanish architect to practise in Shanghai between the years 1913 and 1931, constructed a wide range of magnificent architecture in, and around, the city. His most important works included cinema buildings for Antonio Ramos, a Spanish businessman who introduced the cinema to China, and hotel projects commissioned by The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited. Lafuente undertook the conversion of the former McBain family home into the Majestic Hotel in 1923, adding a magnificent ballroom and modelled the ballroom at the Astor Hotel, which survives to this day. He also built churches, mosques, garages, luxurious villas, apartment buildings, office buildings and at least one public hospital. Lafuente also won a competition for a new American Consulate on Suzhou Creek in 1917 and introduced the ‘Mozarab’ architectural style to China, using modern concrete slabs as building materials. Before establishing his own architectural practice he worked as a partner with the American architect, G .O. Wootten, and in his later years was associated with the renowned Russian architect, A. J. Yaron. Lafuente died in Shanghai in December 1931.

Intrigued by a review on the architect in an old Spanish newspaper, Mr. Leonardo’s investigation into Abelardo Lafuente’s life and work began in autumn 2009. His voyage of discovery was a truly remarkable journey, with twists of fate leading a path to an undisturbed Lafuente family archive in Spain. Text based on our lecture and discovery in Shanghai 2010.



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