Polifactory China | Since last March and with the interest of bringing and publicize the figure of Abelardo Lafuente to the population of Shanghai, Polifactory has organized a few thematic walks through “areas of interest” of the “Spanish Imprint in Shanghai “. The aim is to offer the possibility of continuing to hear the evolution of the research. The tour has been declared by City Weekend Shanghai, HERE, one of the important activities to do on the weekend in Shanghai.
WHEN: Two Saturdays a month, usually the second and fourth. The walks runs the mornings of Saturday from 10:00 to 12:00. During months of high temperatures in Shanghai and intense heat (May, June, July) the walks will be from 16.00h to 18.00h.
HOW: Walks guided by two of the most relevant areas to the lives of the Spanish colony in Shanghai 100 years ago. The two areas chosen are Nanjing Road (second Saturday of the month) and Sichuan North Rd in Hongkou (fourth Saturday of the month), both are visited along with the discoverer, Alvaro Leonardo. Laguages: Spanish and English. Other languages available on request at cost variation.
WHERE: In each of the rides are displayed at least two of the buildings discovered in the last 4 years, as well as tracks in the future will allow us to discover new buildings and histories of the Spanish colony.
HOW MUCH: At the beginning of the ride, 100rmb/persona, is handed to attendees of two gifts.

BOOKING: To book a place on any of the walks, just write an email to info@polifactory.com. The rides are made with at least 3 people, and only suspended if it rains at the time of departure.
DATES: 9 MARCH 2013 (NAN), 23 MARCH 2013 (HNK), 13 APRIL 2013 (NAN), 27 APRIL 2013 (HNK), 18 MAY 2013 (NAN), 25 MAY 2013 (HNK), 8 JUNE 2013 (NAN), 22 JUNE 2013 (HNK), 13 JULY 2013 (NAN), 27 JULY (CANCELLED) 2013 (HNK).