Polifactory Spain | Cracks in walls: an architect can help me?

The answer is yes, and in Polifactory we have experience resolving these issues on projects in China and Spain.

Why you should call an architect and not a worker or an specific company?
Because the worker or the specific company they will charge you for solving a consequence and won´t  find you the origin of your cracks which is almost always associated with a structural problem or a load on the building, therefore it is very unlikely that a untrained person in engineering and structural design would be able to know it for sure. With these professionals you get your cracks out of your view, but you will never know if they can get worse or be safe only for a limited time.
But a good architect trained in structures (the title does not excuse being a bad professional), will seek to solve the case and then propose a possible reform, if necessary, because he has global knowledge of structures and construction of any kind of building .


Cracks in a building or structure, whether it may appear as if new building or even in an old one, very early in its construction or after many years without them, and the reasons may be very different. That is why you have to commission a competent technical study of the situation. The collapse of a structure does not usually occur immediately, but the cracks are those that are telling us something starts to not work and you need to get moving in time to correct a problem that eventually can be irreparable.

To find such a solution, the architect must first establish an initial fee for the Study of the Incidence including site visit. Secondly Architect should study the complete plans of the building leased by the client. And finally, you must write the “Incidence Report” and propose a viable plan of refurbishment to repair the structure, with possible solutions and an approximate estimate of costs.

In Polifactory have sufficient prior experience having made these incident reports and ratings of cracks in different cases, and also we are dedicated to the calculation of both new structures, as well as renovations and / or rehabilitations.

Some of the main causes of the occurrence of cracks can be summarized as:

– Varying ground resistance depending on the area where is the foundation.
– Ground Motion Differentials.
– Displacements on beams or pillars.
– Problems in the construction execution
– Errors in design or structural design.
– Seismic movements.
– A work plot near our affected building.
– Aluminosis.

Superficial causes:
– Lack of adhesion between bricks and mortar, or other finishing materials.
– Moisture problems.
– Temperature changes by continuing exposure to sunlight and other weather effects such as snow or  ice.

Once these reports and studies completed, the next part is to fix the incidence, and the best professional to lead and manage that solution is an architect with experience in these operations, with a good team of workers doing it professionally and with previous experience concrete or structural problems.