Polifactory Spain | Humidity / Moisture in walls. Can an Architect help?

The answer is yes, and in Polifactory we have experience resolving these issues on projects in China, Spain and Brazil.

Why you should call an architect and not a worker or an specific company?
Because the worker or the specific company will charge you to solve a consequence and they won´t find the cause originating it, unless it is very obvious. With their solution you get to take away the problem for a few months or years, but when it reappears will be much more serious, because water is a degrading agent quiet and slow, but steady and relentless.
But a good architect (the title is no excuse to be a bad professional), will seek to resolve the cause of the moisture and then raise a possible reform, if necessary, that has global knowledge of the construction of any type of building.


To find such a solution, the architect must first establish an initial fee for the Study of the Incidence including site visit. Secondly Architect should study the complete plans of the building leased by the client. And finally, you must write the “Incidence Report” and propose a viable plan of refurbishment if necessary to repair the moisture, with possible solutions and an approximate estimate of costs.

In Polifactory have sufficient prior experience having made these incident reports and ratings of moistures and leakages in different cases.

Some of the main causes of the appearance of damp can be summarized as:

– Moisture from rainfall.

– Moisture condensation.

– Moisture-filtered outdoor irrigation (via capillary action).

– Humidity by our own pipes, which can be divided by: defective item from home or faulty item by aging.

– Humidity for timely negligence of a neighbor. Neighbor might be: someone else, another building or public sewer.

Once these reports and studies completed, the next part is to fix the incidence, and the best professional to lead and manage that solution is an architect with experience in these operations, with a good team of workers doing it professionally and with previous experience in humidity problems.