Polifactory Spain | One of the last works done in Spain has been for Profacility a company in our industry that needed to give a new look to your corporate image and renew all its advertising catalogs. After analyzing the market, based on the recommendation of a previous client, they ask to Polifactory to create their new identity.

“Profacility, re-branding & corporate identity”

We decided to split catalogs design into three main departments, which are given an identifying color, respectively, and are creating a new set of icons to everyone easily identify what each department does. A simple but modern corporate image that conveys to its customers the speed, professionalism and perfection Profacility works. The choosen colors were the magenta for “Retail”, blue for “Facility Management” and orange for “Building & Construction”, teniendo la sobriedad del negro siempre como fondo.

The next step will be conducting its website with new elements used in catalogs. The first phase of work has been done very well in 2014 and 2015 will begin with the second part.