Polifactory China | Hous.E+ is designed to combine new and old techniques in order to create a not only a resourceful building regarding energy efficiency and sustainability but also well equipped to actively respond to future smart grid systems where energy surplus is shared and agriculture within the city is produced. Water is not only storaged and re-used but also is part of a energy cycle that generates power throughout a series of wall embedded micro hydro-turbines. Avoid unnecessary transportation of materials is a main factor to the carbon foot print equation. Hous.E+ is build upon a rammed earth wall technique that is unaffected by rain, fire or pests, plus it doesn’t require any further finishing. The walls act like breathing structures, allowing air exchange without significant heat loss, working naturally as a thermal mass, storing heat in winter and rejecting in the summer, eliminating the need for air conditioning. Hous.E+ is set to produce more energy than it consumes.