Polifactory Spain | A few weeks ago we found a great article about “digital identity and personal branding” by Fátima Martínez for Contunegocio.com, a website where already published an article regarding internationalization and entrepreneurship abroad referring to us, HERE. We know very well the web because their interesting contents and the support they always make to Spanish entrepreneurs.

Since the article was so well written and explained, we have decided to include on our blog to have it as a reference and can explain and mention to possible future customers, although we have already done work of this kind for entrepreneurs and established professionals who need to renew their identity, as:

Igor Peraza (imag01), Montse Zamorano (imag02), Tradder (imag03) or Shangcheng, in addition to the one we are now preparing for another entrepreneur in Spain and will post soon in our blog. Translation to English done in house, the original article was just in Spanish.

¿What is personal branding?

The set of actions that attempt to take out our personal brand stand out, to be perceived by others as we want and therefore will have a good online reputation.

In a globalized society like ours, where the social world already has more than 4000 million different social media accounts (not users),  according to the latest map of iRedes, we must have a plan to differentiate ourselves and stand.

And this how we do it?

Analysis Phase

  • Environment, competition, people I want to learn from, people we want to reach and the industry we want to position at.
  • Identify, using appropriate tools, what the net says about us, about our blog, about our nick
  • Knowing yourself is essential. If you do not know who you are, you can hardly tell the others. To do this, will produce a SWOT analysis, as if it were a trademark, to know what our Weaknesses and try to address them, be aware of our Threats, you deal with them and, if you can not avoid them or better yet see how to give them the turn to turn into opportunities, identify our Strengths to move it forward and, the most important, identify our Oportunities, because it will give us an idea to choose a path and work background.
  • We must never give up our past. All experiences in our lives and especially in our current and previous positions working, give us a specific professional weight in our sector. It will be the starting point to continue with a solid foundation.

Objectives and Strategy

  • Mark your targets. What we want to achieve, how we would be perceived.
  • Elaborate an Strategy to create our digital identity and achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. To do this, a key point lies in knowing in depth social media and decide what are the most appropriate for us to be better to our concerns and the achievement of our goals.
  • Once finded the social media, take care your image projected to the maximum. Photos, cover designs, descriptions, biography, curriculum vitae, shared images and messages… , based on the selected way of communication. It is very important the first visual impact, since a picture says a lot about us.
  • Create virtuous circles. What is important for our development both on and off are the people who are part of our circles: family, friends and acquaintances will help us on our way, therefore, it is essential to care, serve them and help them, both inside and outside the network.
  • Contents Creation. We all know much of anything. Maybe at first it takes time, we may not be the best writers in the world, but certainly our knowledge can be of interest to certain persons and will gradually improve your technique.
  • Listen to others, share our own contents, but also very important to share other people interesting contents.
  • Collaborate, participate in discussions and forums, create and animate groups, since all will strengthen our network image.
  • Avoidspam: the links to ourposts by direct message on social networks or email (if they are interested in reading our blog will subscribe voluntarily) these resources are to be used only rarely, if we do so usually, we damage our image. No systematic labeling dozens of people with trivial issues to obtain a “Like” or +1.
  • Avoid imitations. All we feed back information circulating in the network daily, but should define our content, undergirding our posts to our sector (if we have a professional blog). It is about sharing contents we really are experts and can highlight, differentiate and contribute new knowledge or experiences. Know everything is impossible, therefore, talk about what we really know and avoid imitating others, because otherwise our brand will be diluted and say things inconsistent and meaningless.
  • As far as possible, we must avoid controversial subjects like religion, politics and sex. Although we are very moderate in our comments, discussion with others can go out of hand (that always served and if we are not political, religious or want to defend this kind of issues as part of our own brand positioning or target).
  • Finally, measure and analyze your actions. It is fine to look at how we grow, how to increase our community, how the numbers are with us, but certainly we will learn even more about what we have done wrong, basically not to repeat again.

And, above all, humility, honesty, hard work and common sense are the words that should always accompany us in all areas of our life, if we want our personal brand thrive, become strong and consolidated. Our personal brand both off and on can not differ, we must first be consistent.

As they say, if your personal brand work well, work will find you.