Polifactory China | One of the world’s leading multinational food and beverage company, and implanted in Shanghai in recent years, contact Polifactory for the accomplishment of a difficult task that combines illustration and graphic design. They need to explain in a clear, resounding and clean way, the innovative provision of catering spaces to be introduced in China, and at same time serving as a publicity stunt.

“U by Sodexo”

The work not only includes the creation and illustration of a informative “meme” that explain the operation, but the graphic design of invitations to the inauguration, games and posters related whose remain in the future, shown in each building of China in which Sodexo will deliver its new catering concept.

The values to be transmitted are food safety, hygiene, cleanliness, organization, and efficiency of time, combined with a variety of healthy foods from all over the world. Polifactory is able to offer all this in short time frames (as demanded by the customer), and makes this very interesting project for this large French company in Shanghai, with a really successful results. We can only share some of them, enjoy!