Polifactory Spain | Spanish entrepreneur Fernando Palazuelos, trusts in Polifactory to create the identity for his new global brand: Tradder. ‘More than trading’ a whole universe around the business.


As a professional of international commerce around the world he decides to start up this new company with a clear concept as well as it’s subsequent developement and evolution, but counting on our team to design the graphic elements that can reflect the values he wants to transmit. the challenge is to develop a global brand, easily recognizable with enough personality to work independently in different supports like a newspaper ad or a social network.

Branding Design

We have designed from naming (really important because it needs to work in every language) to the complete visual identity, brand manual (for a correct use of the brand), trough applications for different purpouses like stationery among others.

Here we show some images of the result. It has been a large project, we’re very proud and satisfied. The project is still ongoing and we are working, for example, in a new website for the company that will be launched in a following stage.