Polifactory China | This is a global design project for a Co-working space commissioned to Polifactory in late May 2013 by young and dynamic company that wants to change the work habits of its employees and the people who rely on their ideas, so they have already great success on their business so far, and they require a professional design solution as Polifactory´s.

The project Polifactory performed entirely encompasses:
– “Naming” of the new company.
– Corporate identity of the new company.
– Company Logo.
– Typeface illustration for logo (ad hoc).
– Project´s Concept at all design levels.
– Overall project construction plans.
– Detailed study of electrical and lighting.
– Detailed study of different spatial distributions for each workspace and offices.
– Tip of materials to use.
– Tip of furniture to use.
– Design of specific furniture storage.
– Specific vinyls graphic design for all spaces.
– Monitoring of work and suggesting solutions.
– Varied Corporate Future applications.

In any creative process a Concept is essential, with that origin Polifactory begins each work at any scale. In a global design project as Yu-Link that has an underlying relevance. Gradually we will publish here the results. First news about the project: HERE