Branding // Shanghai. China

The project is a collaboration between NinomRekka (interior design) and Polifactory (branding and all its subsequent applications). Both teams were constantly in touch to create a complete experience in branding and space that had a complete indivisible relationship.

The initial decision in the design process of combining basic colors like white and black, and from there: only color to mix is wooden brown tone or wicker; the use of the diamond shape for the logo, had consequently some varied successful applications as: labels, t-shirts, rubber stamps, paper bags, glass jars, vases, dishes, the doorknob, shape of the menu support and the combination of basic colors in furniture, shelves, clothing for all employees, presentation of some dishes, invoice format and many small details that transform a design into a whole experience.
Cafelito | Branding. Shanghai
Igor Peraza. Architect // China

One of the most famous architects in Shanghai and in China, due to their full involvement in the construction of the Spain Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010, Igor Peraza, entrust us the design of his personal website, due his lack of time for the large amount of work carried out in Asia.

We met in different cultural events in the city and after checking out the quality and detail of our projects, he ordered us the completion of its new portfolio site. After several meetings in which the understanding is complete, the result is a clean site, modern, active and changing that highlights the versatility, hard work and professionalism of our client.

Visit the site:
Igor Peraza website design
The Surgery Forum app // Spain

Madrid Norte Sanchinarro Hospital and Clara Campal oncological center, had the excellent idea of launching an App for iPad and iPhone. This is an App easily available to medical professionals and students, through which they can view high-definition recordings of the most modern surgical techniques in the world, which are applied in the Hospital of Sanchinarro Norte.For the visual graphics and the new application have the advice and counsel of Polifactory, since it is the part that will attract the attention of the people. It will be the reference and corporate image of the new application "The Surgery Forum". For that, we thought of an image totally related to the surgery and representing the digestive apparatus which is played mainly in this application, and the result is superb.

Available on the AppStore™, since its inception in September 2012, has been successfully presented at medical conferences around the world, waiting for his Hospital official presentation in Madrid in the near future.
Igor Peraza website design
Q. Designation of Origin Rioja wine // China

Thanks to the collaboration of our representatives in Spain and China, Polifactory has been able to move forward panels that "Rioja Denomination of Origin" needed in 2012 to 2013 in China.

we designed some posters to show each customer and buyer in China basic and fundamental details of this ancient wine appellation. With great simplicity and using elements recognizable by the Chinese public, we prepared posters that will clarify the basic questions to any client.
Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin | Posters design
Bastet Biosystems Identity // Spain

An identity designed for Bastet Biosystems based in the company values like: Life, healthy, technology, research, variety…

Our intention was to create a modern logo that can reflect those values and show the potential of this young and creative company.
Bastet Biosystems identity
LBC Packaging design // Spain

We’ve recently developed this packaging for a new range of products by La Buena Cocina, a food company from Barcelona (Spain). According to the client we made a clean and fresh design based on typography but traditional at the same time with the still-life drawings.

We created a colorful range of packs with different color palettes inspired by the product type (pasta, rice, meal, vegetarian…) so the customers can easily identify them.
LBC Packaging
M.Zamorano Arquitecture Photography Identity & website // Spain

According to the client we’ve created a simple and clear identity to represent the work of a great architecture photographer. A clean design to give all the protagonism to the photographs with great utilities like a fullscreen gallery to enjoy her work in a big way!

This site has been designed and built exclusively and has a custom CMS (content management system) so the client can manage all the content, texts, images… everything directly online.
MZ Identity & Website
Asmara Hostel Identity // Philippines

Starting from a great logo (previously designed) the Asmara identity wants to express the hostel's young, ecological & tropical caracter, placed in a privileged place in Philippines and intended for people who want to enjoy paradise in a cool and ecological way.

The Project includes the identity, stationery, and we’re now working in the construction and interior of the hostel itself.
Asmara Hostel Identity
Milla Sánchez Identity // Spain

In Spain, pharmacies do very little to differentiate themselves from each other, most are family-operated businesses whose location and opening hours are highly regulated. Our client, the Milla Sanchez Pharmacy in the Castilla-La Mancha region wanted to break this mold and redesign its image to attract more customers. Polifactory Founder and Head Designer Alberto Leonardo oversaw this project which resulted in an overhaul of the Milla Sanchez brand. The challenge was to give the brand a modern identity moving away from traditional pharmacy imagery without being too avant-garde and risking the loyalty of existing customers. The final result was a differentiated and recognizable brand design that was colorful but clean and understated enough to resonate in the context of the pharmacy world. The rebranding was applied to the company’s logo, statioery, plastic bags, and other internal and marketing-related items.
Milla Sánchez Identity
Luxury Spaces Ring // Spain

The ring “Luxury Spaces” was the result of a request by a private client who wished to have a unique piece of jewelry that was contemporary, of the highest quality, and incorporated her passion for design and architecture.

Polifactory’s Head Designer Alberto Leonardo designed and hand-made the piece which is made of 18k gold, white gold and acrylic, and combinations of pink gold and 925 silver.
Luxury Spaces Ring